Why consider Beltone hearing aids? They’re generally of a high quality, but their pricing can be unclear, and if you buy from a Beltone hearing aid center then you don’t get a chance to compare their products with those of other manufacturers. They are reliable and high quality, and come with an app you can use to program them. But you may think other brands are better.

A good option is to buy hearing aids from a hearing aid center. Professionally run hearing aid centers allow you a greater range of choice than Beltone’s own centers.

beltone hearing aids

Beltone Hearing Aids

They are a U.S. brand with an emphasis on service. So, in addition to manufacturing hearing aids, they run 1500 locations across the U.S. where you can talk to professional audiologists and test their products.

But aside from that, what sets Beltone apart? Are their hearing aids any good, and should you buy them? Let’s find out.

Are Beltone Hearing Aids Good?

Most reviewers state that Beltone hearing aids are high quality. Sites like ConsumerAffairs.com collect reviews for lots of different kinds of hearing aids, and on the whole, reviews are good.

Many reviews highlight how long Beltone hearing aids last. Lifetimes of ten to fifteen years aren’t unusual, which is a good length of time for any product of this nature to last. Reviews also state that when certain models get too old, Beltone are happy to help with extra testing and new hearing devices.

Beltone also emphasize other aspects of their hearing aids that other manufacturers don’t. For example, there’s an app that you can use if you have a Beltone hearing aid which lets you control your hearing aid from your mobile device. It allows you to make simple or advanced adjustments to how your hearing aid helps you hear, e.g. boosting lower or higher frequency sounds. You can then save these ‘programs’ for later.

This facility also allows your hearing aid professional to update your hearing aid remotely. This is a feature which other manufacturers haven’t yet implemented. Other things Beltone do that other manufacturers don’t include:

  • The Beltone Phone Link.
    • With this activated, you can hear your phone ring directly in your ear any time it goes off.
  • The Beltone myPAL.
    • This is a microphone that you can place anywhere, and hear it, to a distance of 80 feet.
  • The Beltone Direct TV Link.
    • As the name suggests, this lets you hear what’s happening on TV directly in your ear.
  • The Beltone Tinnitus Calmer.
    • This is an app which uses sound therapy to reduce the effects of tinnitus.

These interesting features set Beltone out from the crowd, because many other manufacturers haven’t yet caught on to the potential of wireless features like these.

Are Beltone Hearing Aids Cheap?

The main complaint people have with Beltone hearing aids is the price. Part of the issue is that Beltone’s hearing aids are a little more expensive than others. But besides that, one thing that people don’t like is that Beltone aren’t as clear with their prices as they should be. At the time of writing, their prices aren’t clearly listed on their website.

That being said, many reviews state that their insurance can cover the whole cost of the hearing aid. Of course, whether this applies to you depends on the kind of insurance you have. But it’s a positive sign that some of the reviews state this.

Should You Consider Beltone Hearing Aids?

Whether you buy Beltone hearing aids is up to you. Ultimately, most hearing aids are roughly the same. While Beltone did spearhead several innovations, such as in-the-ear hearing aids, every manufacturer makes these now. So, in terms of performance, style and design, Beltone aren’t the only high quality hearing aid manufacturer out there.

Besides that, not every manufacturer has an app for their hearing aids. This may or may not be something that’s important to you. Most people value the performance of a hearing aid over things like this.

Where to Buy Hearing Aids

If you want to buy Beltone hearing aids, the company has locations all across the U.S. (and Canada). But what makes more sense is to talk with a professional audiologist at a hearing aid center. If you live in Colorado Springs, and you need hearing aids, you should talk to somebody at Sandia Hearing Aid Center!

Sandia Hearing Aid Center have served the Colorado Springs area for decades. Run by professional hearing experts, they offer a wide range of hearing aids, not just Beltone ones. This gives you much more choice, and so a better hearing experience.

If you’re worried about getting your first hearing aid or hearing aid pair, don’t be. Here’s how it works.

  1. You set up an appointment to see an hearing aid consultant. To do so, you can either call in advance, enquire online, or ask in person.
  2. When your appointment comes, you’ll talk with a hearing expert. If the problem isn’t one of earwax, and is one of hearing loss, you can sit through a hearing test. This will tell you what kind of hearing loss you have.
  3. Our hearing experts will recommend a hearing aid for you based on your results, your budget, and the design you have in mind. But if you have a particular manufacturer or kind of hearing aid you’d like to try, we can help you with that, too.

Sandia Hearing Aid Center’s hearing team can also help by giving invaluable advice on how to clean and care for a hearing aid. This will help your hearing device or devices last longer.