The idea of sound is an interesting concept. Sound is created when wavelengths vibrate molecules in the air and the ear catches those vibrations and carries them to the ear drum. Some people would say the sense of hearing is the most important sense of all. In a primal sense, this is correct. Sounds can alert people to what is going on around them. For example, a predator approaching from behind can be detected by the sound of footsteps or leaves rustling and allow them to move out of the way or turn to face the predator.

What is involved in a Hearing Test Administered By An Audiologist in Colorado Springs?

Ear and Hearing Care

The science and medicine of hearing and the parts of the body concerned with this sense is called audiology. Those who practice this type of treatment must undergo extensive training. A master’s degree is considered a minimal requirement for clinical treatment of hearing loss, but a doctorate is considered a more valid accreditation. These highly trained professionals work in a wide variety of environments ranging from private practices to emergency rooms at regional hospitals. Only licensed professionals are allowed to practice this type of medicine or administer hearing tests required for a referral if medical treatment is necessary.

Hearing tests are the most common way to determine hearing loss on a visible scale. These tests are administered by displaying sounds and frequencies wavelengths and decibels. Normal hearing allows perception of sounds from zero to twenty-five decibels. Profound hearing loss prevents the perception of sounds at less than ninety decibels. Licensed professionals are able to test their patient’s hearing and create a graph that shows exactly how their hearing is rated. This graph can be used as a referral to a physician to determine whether further testing or examination is necessary.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be very subtle in some cases. Gradual hearing loss is typical in elderly patients. Typically, younger patients don’t experience a gradual hearing loss unless a medical condition is present. Patients will need to pay attention and tell their doctor about any symptoms they have noticed. If any symptoms are present, it’s important to inform a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Difficulty following a conversation is a common symptom. This usually results in having to ask people to repeat themselves during a conversation.
  • Echoes and background noise are typical in almost any environment. If someone is having trouble with their hearing background noise or echoes will make it almost impossible to hear anything else.
  • Trouble using a telephone can also indicate hearing issues
  • When listening to music or watching a movie a patient may need to turn the volume all the way up or at least to a volume that would be uncomfortable for others in the room
  • Those who have trouble hearing may tend to turn one ear towards the person they are listening to
  • Although it may seem unconnected to hearing, loss of balance is a symptom of ear issues. The inner ear affects balance and may indicate issues that cause hearing problems.

These symptoms are only a small list, other issues may be present. Even though some or all of these symptoms may be present, the only way to be sure of a hearing problem is a test administered by licensed audiologists. Online hearing tests are also commonly available.

Treatments For Hearing Loss

In some cases, medical treatments can remove issues that cause hearing problems. If a medical issue is present, a physician can diagnose and treat the condition. Typical degradation of hearing is not caused by a condition or illness, so hearing aids will be needed. With the help of an audiologist Colorado Springs patients can get the help they need to choose a hearing aid that’s best for them. The first step in determining whether a patient needs hearing aids is to administer a hearing test. This test will determine if there is a need for further testing or a referral to another medical care provider. A physician can determine whether there is a treatment available to help restore hearing, or if a hearing aid is necessary.

A Colorado Springs audiologist will display a visual graph that helps the patient understand where they stand on the hearing loss spectrum. This spectrum ranges from normal hearing to profound hearing loss. Depending on where the patient is on the spectrum, they will need to choose a hearing aid that meets their needs. Advanced facilities will carry many different models that range in size and sensitivity.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with hearing loss can contact Sandia Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs for help with buying a hearing aid. Some insurance policies will cover some or all of the cost for the device. Details about coverage should be discussed with an insurance agent or double checked in the details of the policy.