Deaf and dumbPeople who are deaf and dumb lack the ability to both hear and speak. Different factors cause deafness and inability to talk. Some are born with the condition while others get it along the way. As such, the degree of the state may vary, leading to either low hearing or total loss of hearing. However, there is a relief for people of Colorado Springs as hearings can help them listen to your speech.

Major Causes of Deaf and Dumb


Ageing is associated with several conditions, including diabetes and other old age diseases. Similarly, the loss of hearing may result from old age, especially if the individual had a career dealing with loud sounds. Dumbness is rarely caused by ageing though it may cause low speeches and inaudibility.

Certain Medical Conditions

Most people who experience deafness and dumbness have had a particular medical condition that damages hearing and ability to speak. The ear has an extended auditory system consisting of the outer, middle, and inner ear and the auditory cortex. Conditions such as Otitis externa, inflammations, cholesteatoma, diabetes and infectious diseases are prone to lead to hearing loss. Medical conditions that rob the ability to speech include aphasia that results from road injury and post-stroke effects impacting part of the brain responsible for speaking.

Hereditary Factors

Some deafness and dumbness disorder is hereditary; that is, it is passed from parents to their children. If both or either parent is deaf and dumb, one or more of the children may fail to hear or speak. As such, the condition is imprinted in the genes of the parents and easily transferred from generation to generation.

Accidents and Injuries

When you are involved in one or more accidents, you may experience severe injuries that cause additional damages to both the ear and vocals. Head traumas have been associated with a significant number of people losing their hearing abilities. The deafness may be abrupt or gradual. It may begin from mild hearing impairment to moderate and then become severe. The effect may extend until it impacts the part of the brain associated with speech.

Daily Challenges Dumb and Deaf People Face

Stigmatization and Discrimination

The hearing impaired and dumb has been judged negatively, especially during their teenage life, leading to stigmatization. Others also experience discriminations at workplaces in the form of isolation and biasness. When these happen, they tend to become lonely and face emotional problems. Discrimination can also result in stress and depression as it causes social withdrawal. In turn, work-life, persona and self-esteem are affected, making them feel life is unworthy for such people.

Difficulty in Communication

Even when deaf and dumb people learn how to sign as a mode of communication, a large population in Colorado Springs have limited knowledge about sign language. When they move around the city, they may try to communicate with others but are not understood. This is another big challenge for them as lack the ability to either talk or hear to you.

Elevation of Brain Problems

Failure to sense sound in your ear as well as analysis of communication patterns affects brain activities. The brain works with all body senses making it function the right way. However, any alteration of these senses leads to adjustments and the reorganization of brain activities. Deafness and dumbness impact the person’s personality, hearing acuity and cognition. This develops a grey matter in the brain that may cause headaches and other related head conditions. Again, instances of dementia and decline of cognitive functions have been reported

Experiential Shortages

If you have a perfect hearing ability, you tend to listen, hear and learn more about your surroundings. The same applies to make speeches as you can quickly express yourself more vividly and clearly. However, those suffering from deafness and dumbness tend to miss these benefits. In this case, they tend to lag when learning concepts, problem-solving skills and different languages. It is one of the challenges students go through while studying.

How to Provide a Helping Hand to The Deaf and Dumb

Help Deaf and dumb Live a Good Life

There are several ways to help a hearing-impaired and dumb person enjoy life despite these challenges. Begin with helping them through difficult times, such as when communicating with those unfamiliar with sign languages. Stay close to them and guide them on things they are unable to hear. Keeping them company promotes positive emotions while developing their mind. Again, it builds their self-esteem and confidence, enabling them to grow a positive attitude towards life.

Provide Deaf and dumb with Hearing Aid Devices

When someone is deaf and dumb, they face more challenges than those suffering from either of the two. Introducing hearing aids to such a group can enhance their communication, depending on their unique circumstances. These devices help in passing sound into the inner ear that triggers hearing sounds to pick sound waves. As a result, a deaf person can hear and respond despite the inability to speak.

Benefits of Hearing Aid Devices for Deaf and Dumb

Enhance Hearing

If a deaf individual has a mild hearing impairment, the hearing can be enhanced by the use of hearing aids. The device comprises a technology that improves sound waves into the ears, in turn, helping you increase earning power.

Reduces Risk of Illnesses

Studies have shown that deaf people with untreated hearing problems are on the risk of developing dementia and slow cognitive functioning. However, the use of hearing aids has proven to help in the reduction of contracting dementia and promote cognitive function. Besides, it helps in affecting atrophy while maximizing the hearing ability.

Prevention of Tinnitus-Related Problems

High pitched clicking or ringing in the year has been reported by millions of people in the United States alone. The condition is often associated with hearing loss as it is annoyances in the ear. Hearing aid devices have proven to alleviate tinnitus and prevent such ringing. As a result, these devices help in reducing the stress and annoyance resulting from tinnitus.

People suffering from the inability to hear or speak may face significant challenges, especially when they have no particular help. Resulting from different causes, deafness and dumbness can be controlled. The use of hearing aids in Colorado Springs has proven to bring joy and happiness to those living with untreated hearing problems.