Living With Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs
Living With Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs

When your hearing isn’t what it used to be, investing in a quality pair of hearing aids can mean the difference between daily frustrations and a vibrant, full life. With the proper care and storage, you’ll ensure your hearing aids last for many years and happy memories to come.

At Sandia Hearing Aid Center, we recommend Oticon hearing aids for the best mix of quality and value for your money. Although they’re designed to endure normal wear and tear, there are a few things you can do to prolong the longevity of your hearing aids.

1. Keep Your Hearing Aids in a Case When Not in Use

Many people make the mistake of leaving their hearing aids on the dresser or in their pocketbook. Because it’s easy for your hearing aids to fall on the floor and get lost this way, it’s never a good idea to leave them lying around loose. Instead, keep them in their protective case or leave them on the charger where they’re safe. If you can get in the habit of keeping them on the charger, they’ll always be at full power and ready to use.

2. Combat Moisture Build-up

The number one reason hearing aids stop working? Sweat. Yes, we all do it, but the moisture build-up around critical electronic functions can spell certain doom for your hearing aids. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of times when perspiration can be more excessive. If you’re exercising, enjoying warmer weather or doing any rigorous activity that causes you to sweat around your ear and face, take your hearing aids off and examine the battery drawer. If you notice moisture inside, take a dry cloth and wipe away any droplets.

3. Be Careful with Lotions and Creams

If you use any lotion– or cream-based products on your face, be sure to remove your hearing aids before applying them. Products like sunscreen and moisturizer can damage the internal mechanisms of your hearing aids over time, so it’s important to avoid contact with them when possible.

4. Quickly Address Overly Wet Conditions

Although hearing aids are built tough to withstand conditions like getting caught in the rain, buildup of this type of moisture can impact their overall life. For these types of situations or if heavy sweating is a persistent problem for you, we recommend purchasing a hearing aid dryer – AKA a “dry box” – that’s specifically designed for drying excessive moisture. If you don’t have access to one, you can also remove your battery and leave the drawer open overnight. Have a spare bag of rice lying around? You can also nestle your hearing aids in a bit of uncooked rice to wick away moisture.

5. Don’t Incorporate Hearing Aids Into Your Beauty Routine

When applying makeup or putting on hairspray, be sure to take your hearing aids off so they don’t get damaged from any foreign substances or chemicals. Once you’ve finished enjoying your day out, don’t forget to remove them before taking a shower, too.

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At Sandia Hearing Aid Center, we’ll help find the perfect hearing aids for your lifestyle and budget. If you want the best in value and performance, Oticon hearing aids are an excellent choice. To find out more on how to get your own long-lasting pair of Oticons, contact us today or stop by our Colorado Springs office.