Introducing a New Enhanced Level of Hearing Aids

Studies have shown a direct connection between hearing loss and dementia. Even with mild hearing problems, unless you use hearing aids you raise your risk of dementia. This is because proper hearing has less to do with the ears and more the brain.

Now, there is finally a hearing aid that works to help the brain make more sense of the sounds you hear. Sandia Hearing Aids and King Hearing Aid Center proudly offer the Oticon More hearing aid. Oticon More uses cutting-edge technology to help your brain understand sounds, making communication easier and life more enjoyable. With Oticon More, you can protect your brain as you make the most of your life.

Revolutionary BrainHearing Technology

Oticon More gives you more than just volume to help you hear. In many cases, it isn’t how loud the sound is that presents the biggest problem. The major trouble lies in the understanding of speech, especially in a crowd. Using advanced BrainHearing technology, Oticon More contains on-board intelligence that works with the brain to make it easier to understand what is being said. This intelligence will remain relevant throughout your use of it, since it learns from experience. What sets the Oticon More hearing aid from the rest is that it is constantly updating its knowledge banks, helping you hear more and more words from your everyday experiences.

Oticon More Gives You So Much More!

Your ability to hear and understand others is a cornerstone of your social life. Often, when a person starts to lose their ability to hear conversation, they can become more detached. The truth is that many people are simply too embarrassed to admit they cannot hear what is being said. They start to avoid situations where people gather to talk, preferring to be alone instead of seeking the help they need.

However, Oticon More is like no other hearing aid ever. It allows you to say goodbye the old-fashioned look and spotty performance of other hearing aids and hello to the clarity of Bluetooth technology. Oticon More gives you:

  • 30% more sound to the brain
  • 15% increase in speech understanding
  • Lower the effort you have to put into listening, so you can retain more of what is said

World’s First Hearing Aid with a Deep Neural Network

Oticon More is the first ever hearing aid to have a Deep Neural Network (DNN) in its chip. The DNN is part of what makes this hearing aid so exciting. Oticon More has a DNN that is trained with over 12 million sounds from the real world. This allows your brain more data to use when deciphering the sounds you will most likely encounter.

Oticon More hearing aids work similarly to the way your brain works. As it encounters new sounds, it adds them to its experience. Then, the next time you hear that sound, your hearing aid will be able to recognize it and better assist your understanding. This will be especially helpful when you are in a noisy area with extraneous noise.

Stay Connected with Oticon More

Not only is the Oticon More hearing aid the superior choice for clearer understanding, it also offers you a broad range of connectivity options. Whether you want to listen to music or catch up with an old friend, Oticon More will provide a high-quality performance.

Hear conversations more clearly and feel your confidence soar as listening becomes easier. You can enjoy the convenience of direct streaming from your iPhone and select Android phones, hands-free calling, and more. Plus, with the Oticon On app, you can discretely control your hearing aid.