Hearing aids can seem quite expensive, making online ads with lower costs seem tempting. However, there are some hidden costs of buying hearing aids online. The initial price of the hearing aid for sale online may seem like a bargain, but you will ultimately end up paying more. It is not quite as simple as getting a package delivered and popping them in your ear. Here are some points to consider:

Hearing aids need to be fitted and adjusted for each person, and they often require several adjustments before they meet an individual’s exact needs and preferences. Since hearing loss is not the same for everyone and each person has different preferences, the settings need to be fixed the way you need them. If you purchase hearing instruments online, they don’t come customized. You will need to find a hearing center to adjust and service them, meaning you will pay additionally for these office visits.

At Sandia Hearing Center, we will help you determine the right hearing devices for you. By looking at pictures of different hearing aids and descriptions online, it is hard to tell how they will feel or what the sound quality is actually like. A hearing care provider is trained and experienced with a range of hearing products and can assist you with choosing the best type of instrument for your individual hearing needs. We will explain the differences and features. There are different types and styles of hearing aid devices, and the one most appropriate depends on your lifestyle, occupation, environment, amount of hearing loss and physical ear structure.

Online prices don’t include follow-up care and services. These extras could cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. If you have damaged items or need to return them, the online experience can be frustrating because you will likely have to pay the return shipping cost if you need to send them back. Also, consider the manufacturer’s warranty. Many leading hearing aid manufacturers don’t extend the warranty to their devices if they are sold online, preferring that their products be dispensed through hearing professionals.

Avoid disappointment and spending more in unintended costs by getting your hearing products from a hearing specialist. The process of getting hearing aids builds a long-term relationship, so you should get your hearing instruments from a trustworthy professional who can perform ongoing maintenance. Sandia Hearing Center is here to help with our personalized service. Call us at 719-634-6260 for more information.