Unitron Hearing Aids

The Unitron Hearing Aids company is one of the leading innovators and researchers in the field of hearing aid devices and healthcare.  They are based out of Ontario, Canada, a major tech industry region, and have headquarters in the U.S., as well as 46 other countries around the world.  If you’re shopping for a new hearing aid, then you’ll find that Unitron has a stellar lineup, offering solutions to various levels of hearing needs and capacities.

Unitron hearing aids

Their product line is divide into different families, with individual levels of performance.  The more bells and whistles, so to speak, the more expensive you’ll find them, of course.  Without further ado, here are Unitron’s most popular hearing aids:


The Moxi line is infamous for their four receiver RIC base.  They are very small, comparatively, from smallest to largest, you have the Moxi Fit, Now, Kiss, and Dura.  The Fit is the most recent model, it is self-sufficient and rechargeable.


This next line of hearing aids are designed with three BTE hearing aids, ITE hearing aids, all accompanied with a various levels of power and technology.


Not to be confused with Moxi, Max is a group of two BTE hearing aids that are marketed towards those who need the most powerful hearing aids and are near-deaf.

Unitron Features

While Unitron doesn’t specialize in pediatric products, their hearing aids, particularly BTEs are accessible to younger users, thanks to their small size and fitting.  The BTEs also carry direct audio input capabilities for schools equipped to assist those who need it.

Unitron buyers have the opportunity to try their hearing aids on before they buy them in an interactive program called Flex.  Flex is also great because it allows users to upgrade their hearing aids and test them out, then deliver direct feedback via a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app.

Accessories made by Unitron

As one of the leaders in hearing aid manufacturing, Unitron offers a great deal of accessories and add-ons to improve the quality of life for its customers.  Each person has their own needs and situations, and Unitron does a good job of providing improvements in everyday situations, such as listening to music, attending conferences, or communicating with other hearing aid users.

  • uControl 2.0 app – This is the app that users can use to provide instant feedback to their healthcare specialist and improve their hearing.
  • Remote control and Remote control 2 – simple, yet extremely helpful control for adjusting volume levels in the hearing aid.
  • Smart control – this is an even better remote control system that allows access to clarity, sound quality, and volume.
  • IIC control – This tiny remote is perfect for those who want to carry it wherever they go.
  • uStream – A Bluetooth device that opens up hearing aid users to direct music, TV, and speaker feeds.
  • uDirect 2 and uDirect 3 – the latest devices that allow hands-free Bluetooth streaming with any compatible device. 
  • uMic – This device enhances the ability to hear someone when in a noisy surrounding, such as concerts and sporting events.
  • uTV 2 and uTV 3 – Specifically made to enhance your TV watching experience, providing a direct audio feed, with volume control.
  • Speech enhancement LD – Improves clarity of voices and amplifies low voices without distortion.
  • AntiShock – This technology automatically monitors and adjusts your hearing aid when it detects sudden changes in volume, frequency, or loud noises. 
  • Adaptive directional microphones – This is an advanced technology that automatically focuses on voices coming from a particular direction, which allows you to tune out noise coming from your peripheral.

The Right Fit for You

As you can see, Unitron hearing aids offer a staggering array of choices and customization, depending on your needs.  If you are looking for hearing aids that are both affordable and of the Unitron brand, you should considering shopping at Sandia Hearing Aid Center in Colorado Springs: kingsandia.com.  They offer a great selection of hearing aids and accessories, outstanding customer support, and industry-standard warranties on all their products.

Don’t settle for less than genuine Unitron hearing aids and attempt to pay less online and get more value.  Find the perfect hearing aid to enhance your quality of life and never stop enjoying your favorite music, movies, TV shows, or conversations with your favorite people.