Hearing Aids Wray, Colorado: Hearing loss and investing in your hearing health

Some of the most beautiful things on earth are heard, not seen. Whether it’s the gentle rustling of the wind through the trees, a baby’s laughter, the raucous laughter of gathered friends, or the musical excitement of hearing your favorite song, you want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Unfortunately, hearing loss can undermine your pleasure, leaving you feeling alone and disconnected from those you love.

In Home Hearing Aid Service

Sandia Hearing Aid Center and King Hearing Aids are happy to travel to Wray, Colorado. Sandia Hearing Aid Center and King Hearing Aids have a hearing aid care center in Wray that is staffed regularly with helpful, knowledgable hearing aid specialists. We are one of the few (if not the only) company that has a hearing aid service center in your area!

Hearing loss can occur at any stage of life and there are many causes for hearing loss. Besides hereditary factors, any one of the following could be the reason for your hearing trouble.

Inner Ear Damage

Wear and tear to the cochlear hairs or nerve cells can result from aging. Consistent exposure to loud noises, due to the aging process, exposure to loud music, machinery, or other noise pollution, can also prevent the cochlea from sending your brain sound signals, causing hearing loss.

Wax Buildup

Your ear canal can get blocked by earwax, which results in poor conduction of the sound waves. If treated promptly, the hearing loss you suffer could be temporary. However, if the ear canal becomes impacted for an extended amount of time, the hearing loss could become permanent.

Ruptured Ear Drum

A tympanic membrane perforation, also known as a ruptured ear drum, can be caused by loud burst of noise, abrupt changes in pressure, puncture of the ear drum, or severe ear infection. If the ear drum is ruptured, your hearing could be seriously damaged.

Tumors and Irregular Bone Growths

Whether they occur in the middle or inner ear, any abnormality in bone growth or tumor development can cause hearing loss.

Fortunately, many causes or hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids. If you or someone you love seems to be straining to hear people, hearing aids may be the answer to a better quality of life.

When You Should Consider Investing in Hearing Aids

Have you begun feeling left out of the conversation when you gather with work colleagues, friends, or family? Do you have trouble figuring out what someone is saying when there is a lot of noise in the background or several conversations happening at once? If you have noticed that you are having some hearing loss, the best thing you can do to determine if you need a hearing aid is to turn to the professionals.

The first step is to get your hearing checked. If your hearing is normal, you will be able to hear sounds that are lower than 25 decibels. If the lowest sound you can hear is 30 decibels or more, it might be time to discuss hearing aids. If you are a candidate for a hearing aid, you should realize that there are some challenges. It can take some time to adjust to your hearing aid. When your hearing is progressively getting worse, your brain gets out of shape when it comes to processing the full spectrum of sounds. You will need a little time to get used to hearing on a broader level again.

Some of the most daunting challenges, however, regard your image. Technological advances in hearing aid design allow you to find a hearing aid that is both sleek and powerful, making the fear of others’ perceptions a thing of the past. If you live in a rural area, such as Wray, Colorado, it can be difficult to get service to a remote area. You often find yourself with very few dependable sources for hearing aids the farther you move away from major metropolitan areas. The good news for the hearing impaired is that you don’t have to leave the comforts of the rural environment to get exceptional hearing aids and service. The professionals at Sandia Hearing Aids provides home service to Wray and numerous other rural Colorado towns. We have seen the difference our hearing aids have made in the lives of our clients, including children, middle-age adults, and seniors. Our goal is to help every client who is suffering from hearing loss discover the joys of being able to hear again.

Contact us at Sandia Hearing Aids today to learn more about our home service to rural Colorado or visit our service center in Wray, Colorado.