Oticon Hearing Aid Accessories

Oticon realizes that hearing affects everything and is a valuable part of everyday life, and Sandia Hearing Center understands that fact, too. We are proud to carry Oticon hearing aid accessories to help you stay connected.

Oticon, the oldest hearing aid manufacturer in the world, helps those with hearing loss live full lives by producing instruments that produce superior, natural sounds, using the newest technology. Over the years, there has been much advancement in hearing aid technology. They pride themselves on their research to bring people advanced hearing solutions. Oticon hearing aid accessories help you connect to your other devices, like cellphones, computers, televisions and music players.

Telephone use is not a problem with Oticon’s phone adapter, which allows you to hear clearly, while using a landline telephone. The adapter is used in conjunction with the Oticon Streamer Pro device to deliver sound directly to your hearing instruments. The Oticon Streamer Pro directly connects with most Bluetooth compatible cell phones and devices. It also uses a 3.5 mm jack and cable that enables you to have a wired connection. You can have clearer conversations in noisy environments with Oticon’s ConnectLine Microphone, which can be clipped on and worn discretely. You can listen to sound on computers easily via ConnectLine by plugging the device directly into the headset jack or wirelessly with a USB dongle available through Oticon. The Oticon ConnectLine TV adapter lets you listen to your television by delivering sound to each hearing aid so you can hear it at a comfortable volume. It connects to the analog output on the television and transmits sound via the Streamer Pro.

Oticon also has a remote control accessory to make usage of your devices a little easier. This small, convenient remote control allows you to control your hearing instruments effortlessly and even fits in your pocket.

Here, at Sandia Hearing Centers, we strive to help you hear all the sounds that are so important in life. We have a large selection of hearing aids and accessories to help your hearing experience be the best. We carry products from many of the top manufacturers, including Oticon. We also sell replacement batteries and parts for Oticon hearing aids, and we do repairs. See us for all your hearing needs.

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