Oticon Hearing Aid Batteries

If you need Oticon hearing aid batteries, Sandia Hearing Center has everything necessary for your hearing needs, including batteries, parts and accessories. Oticon, the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturer, incorporates the newest technology in their instruments to produce superior sounds to help people with various levels of hearing loss live fulfilling lives. Sandia Hearing Center is proud to carry the Oticon line of hearing products.

Batteries for hearing aids need to be replaced often. Battery life can be anywhere between five and 14 days. When you hear the warning beeps coming from your hearing aid, you’ll know that it is time to replace the battery. If the battery life is shorter than usual, it could be a sign of a problem with the hearing device. Our trained staff can check your hearing device to see if an adjustment or repair is necessary.

The amount of time that a battery will last depends on several things, like size, the number of hours each day that you use your device and the type of hearing device that you have. Hearing instruments with the most features and advanced tools for better hearing often use more power, which consumes more life from the battery. To help the battery last longer, make sure your hearing aids are turned off when you are not wearing them.

With Sandia Hearing Center’s comprehensive hearing services, we have all sizes of hearing aid batteries. Make sure you have spare batteries on hand, so you aren’t caught off guard. Keep us in mind for Oticon replacement parts and accessories, as well as supplies for other major brands. We also perform evaluations and repairs, and we will assist you with selecting new hearing aids to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

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