Oticon Hearing Aid Parts

Oticon Hearing Aids are among some of the best hearing products on the market. Sandia Hearing Center is happy to carry hearing devices made by Oticon, the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturer. Consequently, we carry a huge supply of Oticon hearing aid parts to maintain your hearing device’s ongoing needs.

Regular wear of your device will require certain parts to be replaced on a regular basis. If you are looking for new tubes, replacement domes, dampers or wax filters, we have what you need. Domes usually need replacing monthly and are easy to replace. We have several sizes in stock for several major brands of hearing aids. Tubing should be changed every few months, as it gets hard, cracks and collects moisture. Earwax is frequently the culprit of sound quality problems, so it is important to have fresh wax filters and regularly clean your device. Our trained repair staff can help you if you have any questions or other problems, liked cracked cases or a device that is not working properly. Come see us, too, for your regular check-up and maintenance needs.

Oticon makes hearing aids and accessories that use the newest technology to deliver natural sound with superior quality, so that their users can live fulfilling lives. We sell Oticon’s line of new hearing products with a wide selection of features to fit individual needs. Our selection includes devices to help you connect wirelessly or via Bluetooth to your cellphone, landline telephone, television and MP3 player. There are also accessories to help you hear better in noisy and challenging environments. Sandia Hearing Center also has other useful items, like tools to help you clean you device, replacement batteries and storage supplies. Our professionally trained staff is here to help you with selection, questions and repairs.

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