Oticon Hearing Aid Repair

Sandia Hearing Center is here to help with any problems you may be having with your Oticon hearing aid. Issues like high-pitched sounds, whistling, fuzziness or distortion may easily be fixed with repairs, rather than replacing it with a costly new hearing instrument. We have professionally trained staff, who are experienced with hearing aid repairs on a variety of makes and models, including devices made by Oticon.

We proudly support Oticon’s superior hearing products. Oticon is a leader in hearing aid technology and has established their reputation for quality and reliability. We want to help you get the most out of your hearing devices.

Our repair staff can take care of problems with your hearing aids. We can also fix cracked cases and tubes, venting problems, corrosion, moisture and earwax build up. The cost for repairs will depend on whether your Oticon hearing aids are still covered by a warranty, the extent of visible damage and the cost of replacement parts.

Hearing is such an important part of life, and taking care of your hearing devices is essential so they will last as long as possible. An average hearing aid can be expected to last between five and seven years. By practicing regular cleaning and maintenance, you can help your hearing aids to function well for as long as possible. We can perform routine check-ups on your device, testing, adjusting the settings and cleaning. We carry a full supply of replacement parts, tubes, domes, filters and batteries.

Sandia Hearing Center has everything for your hearing needs in one place. We have accessories, parts, batteries, as well as new hearing devices from top manufactures. We carry many products that give superior sound quality and use the newest technology, including wireless and Bluetooth enabled accessories.

Visit us at Sandia Hearing Center or call 719-634-6260 for more information.