Resound Hearing Aids

Sandia Hearing Aid Center in Colorado Springs is proud to offer a fine selection of ReSound hearing aids to people who are ready to improve their hearing health.

Resound hearing aids are known for “sound quality and design excellence.” That’s no surprise considering the fact that the company is known as a technological leader in the hearing aid industry.

A simple overview of just a few of their products will quickly tell you why. For starters, ReSound hearing aids are available in several shapes and colors, and feature a wide range of the most cutting edge technology. With so many options, you’ll find something that serves your specific hearing loss needs and also meets your personal preferences.

One example of some of this cutting edge technology: the ReSound LiNX hearing aid, which is designed to be used with Apple products. In fact, it’s capable of streaming “high-quality, stereo sound” directly from your iPhone, iPod or iPad—no wires involved! A ReSound smart app is also available for the device and takes personalization a step further.

Another product, the ReSound Magna, is all about options. Available in five colors, like many ReSound hearing aids, this hearing aid is comfortable and attractively designed.

There’s also the ReSound Verso™, a product touted as one of the company’s most advanced, newest hearing aids. The Verso is designed to make hearing “feel instinctive again”—something we’re all about at Sandia Hearing Aid Center.

ReSound houses over 500 employees in their Bloomington, MN facility, which is home to the company’s Senior Management, Customer Care, Technical Support, Inside Sales, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources groups. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces thousands of new custom hearing aid products each month, in addition to servicing both in-the-ear (ITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) products.

Some of ReSound’s hearing aids are designed to meet needs of people with a “severe-profound” level of hearing loss; others products are waterproof and dust resistant. Resound also offers products that feature frequency compression and which are designed to help you clearly hear conversations in noisy places.

You can learn more about this brand of hearing aids by scheduling an appointment with one of our Colorado Springs hearing specialist today at 719-634-6260.

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