Resound Hearing Aid Accessories

Resound hearing aid accessories offer a limitless hearing experience

ReSound’s hearing aid accessories allow you to stay connected to the people, the TV shows, and the music you love. At Sandia Hearing Center, we are all about helping you improve your hearing health and overall hearing experience. We specialize in connecting you to some of the best hearing products on the market, including a range of products from ReSound.

What you get with ReSound products is cutting-edge technology and several wireless accessory options.

Want to have a crystal clear phone conversation in a noisy environment? ReSound offers a great product that allows your hearing aid to function as a headset for any cell phone or land line with Bluetooth capabilities. This Bluetooth phone clip offers voice dialing, as well as the option to accept calls or decline phone calls. If you have an iPhone, Resound has made for iPhone technology that allows a person to connect their hearing instruments wirelessly to iPhone, iPads, or any Apple product.

Have you ever been watching TV with your family, and wanted to adjust the volume without making it too loud for everyone else?

ReSound also offers an accessory that is capable of streaming stereo sound directly to your hearing aid from a television, computer, or any wireless product. Here’s an impressive fact: this streamer is compatible with all TV models.

Resound also offers a mini microphone you can clip to the lapel of any person you’d like to hear more clearly, as well as a slim and sleek remote that will allow you to adjust the volume, or program on your hearing aid anywhere, at any time. Apart from that, ReSound also offers smart apps that allow you to turn your smart phone into a remote control.

We’re proud to connect our clients with products from a company that is dedicated to making better and smarter hearing technology.

If you’re interested in learning more about hearing aid accessories from ReSound, pick up the phone or stop by.