ReSound Hearing Aid Batteries

Sandia Hearing Center carries several high-quality hearing aids with a full line of replacement parts, supplies and batteries.

We offer a selection of ReSound hearing aids and accessories to fit different hearing needs and lifestyles. Resound is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing devices with comprehensive sound processing to give excellent sound quality and exceptional speech understanding.

Hearing aid batteries need to be changed often. Battery life depends on many factors, such as usage, the environment and type of hearing instrument. Anytime you hear the low battery signal beeping, replace the battery. Your battery may also need changing if sounds become distorted or you find yourself turning the volume up more often due to reduced amplification. Always be prepared by having spare batteries on hand, so you are not caught with a predicament. Sandia Hearing Center carries all the battery sizes necessary for optimal device function with the right one to suit your needs.

We have professionally trained staff who are skilled at evaluating, cleaning and performing repairs on hearing aids. If you are having any problems with unsatisfactory battery strength or poor functioning, our staff is able to assess issues and help so that you can have the best experience. We sell the replacement parts and supplies needed to accompany your ReSound products. Routine maintenance is important to ensuring your device has a long life and gives you the best performance.

Sandia Hearing Center is a full service facility for hearing solutions. Visit us for ReSound hearing aid batteries to keep your hearing aid going. We are also here to help with any of your hearing needs with our dedicated staff and huge selection of hearing products in many styles and sizes, including ReSound and other quality brands offering the latest technology.

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