Resound Hearing Aid Repair and Parts

Order replacement parts for your ReSound hearing aid here.

Whether you have the LiNX, the Verso or an older model hearing aid like the Pulse, we’re here to help you order the appropriate replacement parts for your Resound hearing aid.

If you have a hearing aid, you’ll need to replace batteries, your receiver tubing and your domes regularly. Ear hooks for behind-the-ear device might also need to be replaced.

It’s good to change your receiver tubing every few months, especially if it becomes inflexible or brittle. A receiver tube guides sound from the hearing instrument into the ear canal. If it becomes stiff, it can crack and compromise sound quality and feedback. Hearing aids that will require a tubing replacement include ReSound’s mini receiver-in-the-ear, hearing devices, which feature a thin tube that wraps around the ear and connects with a small bud inside the ear.

Another component that requires replacement is the dome, a silicone tip or dome that covers the bud, and allows for a snug and comfy fit inside your ear. These are exposed to sweat, oil, and ear wax and need to be replaced regularly. While they should obviously be replaced when they’re damaged, it’s also a good rule of thumb to replace them once they become discolored. Different types of domes include open domes, double power domes, and short tulip domes.

With either of those two basic replacement parts mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure that you are ordering the appropriate size and length for your device and your ears. Some domes and tubing are compatible with multiple types of ReSound hearing aids, and even some other brands of hearing aids. It’s additionally important for you to choose the correct size for your device. A hearing specialist at the Sandia Hearing Center will help you choose the right components. We can replace batteries, domes, and tubing for you as well.

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