Siemens Hearing Aid Batteries

Is it time to buy batteries for your Siemens hearing aid?

As a local, independent hearing specialist practice, Sandia Hearing Center is committed to connecting you with the best hearing technology on the market. From Siemens to Starkey to Oticon to Resound, we work with a variety of companies to bring you the very best services and hearing aid products, including, but not limited to, batteries and accessories.

Hearing aids need power to function and most people understandably want batteries that will last. The life of a hearing aid battery depends on a number of factors, including size, hearing aid features and hours of daily use. A typical hearing aid battery can last anywhere from 5-14 days with 12 hours of average daily use. The life of the battery also depends on the hearing aid because some hearing aids require more power than others. Analog hearing aids for example, require less power than their digital counterparts.

Siemens hearing aid batteries in particular are long lasting, and have high, stable voltage. Alternatively, if you’re tired of ordering batteries every month, Siemens sells rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable hearing aid products ensure that fresh batteries will always be nearby.

Additionally, poor battery performance is often a sign of a faulty hearing aid. If you have a Siemen’s hearing aid, and notice that the batteries are dying faster than usual, bring in your device, and we’ll check it out as part of our inspection, repair and maintenance services.

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