Siemens Hearing Aid Parts

Looking to replace a few parts on your Siemens hearing aid?

From receiver tubes to domes, Sandia Hearing Center can help repair or replace important parts for your Siemen’s hearing device.

People who have hearing aids rely on them for daily use. They’re an important part of day-to-day life. Inevitably some components will need to be replaced—even with proper care, cleaning and maintenance. Because most people would rather replace a few low cost parts than the entire hearing aid, we make sure to give our customers access to plenty of options and guidance to those looking for those parts.

Your average Siemens hearing aid consists of a couple basic components:

  • ear hooks (for behind-the-ear hearing aids)
  • microphone
  • amplifier
  • receiver/speaker
  • battery
  • power switch
  • function switch (digital hearing aids)

While many of these components can be repaired, other parts of the hearing aid can easily, and affordably be replaced. For example, some behind-the-ear hearing aids (they sit behind or on top of the ear) come in a plastic casing that can be changed out. Others have replaceable ear mold tips. Domes used in receiver-in-canal hearing aids also need to be replaced. These soft, silicone tips fit over the speaker for a snug fit inside the ear. These domes come in various shapes and sizes, and can make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

An open dome, for example, is often used in Siemen’s mini behind-the-ear devices. These domes allow the ear to pick up sound naturally, and are generally more suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Closed domes are used in both in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids. They’re usually more suitable for people with severe hearing loss, since they prevent sound from escaping and offer more amplification. Selecting the appropriate dome will depend on your specific hearing aid model, as well as the receiver tubing.

Receiver tubes connect the receiver to the hearing aid, but can harden, crack, split, and affect sound quality. It’s important to replace these regularly.

The specialists at Sandia Hearing Center can inspect, repair, and replace parts—while also helping you select the appropriate products.

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