Starkey Hearing Aid Accessories

Starkey is one of the world’s leading hearing technology companies, which Sandia Hearing Center is proud to carry. As part of our comprehensive approach to meeting your hearing needs, we have hearing aids, accessories, parts and services to enable you to hear better. We sell a range of Starkey hearing aid accessories to help wearers of Starkey hearing aids get the most out of their hearing devices. Accessories can enable hearing aid users have better compatibility with their other electronic devices.

Starkey has several styles of instruments to choose from that use the newest technology and that offer the most discreet hearing solutions. Starkey’s SurfLink accessories to allow Starkey hearing aid wearers to wirelessly connect to cell phones, media devices and have remote control over their hearing aid features.

Sandia Hearing Center is pleased to carry Starkey’s SurfLink accessories The SurfLink Mobile is a multi-use accessory that operates as a hands-free cell phone transmitter, media streamer, assistive listening instrument and hearing aid remote. This device brings television, music and phone listening to you clearer and easier. It also streams from any Bluetooth enabled device. The SurfLink Media Streamer works with Starkey’s wireless hearing aids to transmit television sound. Just plug it into the television, and it automatically streams sound when you are in range. The SurfLink Remote lets you adjust your volume, change memory modes and more.

We have great options available to assist you with your hearing needs, and our staff will gladly help you find what you need with the features that are best for your situation and lifestyle. In addition to selling new hearing devices and accessories, we offer an assortment of services: hearing tests, evaluations, checkups and repair. We also care a selection of Starkey hearing aid parts, as well as parts for other leading brands. See us for replacement tubes, domes, batteries and any other parts you need.

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