Starkey Hearing Aid Batteries

Sandia Hearing Center has the Starkey hearing aid batteries that you need to keep your hearing aid going. We are a one-stop hearing facility with hearing devices, parts and repair service all in one place for your convenience. We are pleased to have Starkey products and to continue to support Starkey users’ needs with batteries, parts and repairs.

Starkey is a global leader in hearing technology. Their goal is to enrich people’s lives by providing quality hearing devices with exceptional sound. In addition to top-performing disposable batteries for their hearing aids, Starkey produces a rechargeable battery system. Starkey’s VFusion rechargeable batteries power each hearing aid for up to 18 hours a day. It is compatible with non-wireless models using size 13 or size 312 batteries.

Batteries in hearing aids need to be replaced frequently, and high-quality hearing aid batteries are essential. Depending on the type of hearing aid you have and the amount of time that you use it each day, batteries can last anywhere from three to 22 days. You will know that it is time to change the battery when you hear low battery indicator beeps. Decreased sound volume or quality may be solved by putting in fresh batteries. If you notice that batteries are not lasting as long as they normally do, the trained staff at Sandia Hearing Center can check your hearing device to see if there is a problem or an adjustment is needed.

Sandia Hearing Center has all sizes of hearing aid batteries for your Starkey devices. Hearing aid batteries can go suddenly, so make sure to have a spare set on hand. We also have Starkey hearing aid accessories and parts. We perform evaluations and repairs on all brands and hearing aid models, including Starkey. Stop in or call us at 719-634-6260.