Starkey Hearing Aid Parts

Sandia Hearing Center has a full selection of Starkey hearing aid parts. In addition to carrying a variety of sizes and styles of Starkey hearing aids and accessories, we stock parts, batteries and perform repairs. Our professionally trained staff is here to help you at our comprehensive hearing facility. We are happy to service you with your ongoing hearing needs.

Starkey understands that everyone has different needs, so they have a complete line of hearing devices with a variety of features. Some are barely visible and many utilize the newest advances in hearing technology. Starkey’s goal is to help everyone live richer lives, by not missing any sounds. If you use Starkey devices, protect your investment by keeping them clean and well maintained.

Sandia Hearing Center is stocked with a variety hearing aid parts for Starkey products. We have everything that you will need to keep your hearing aid functioning smoothly, including domes, tubes, wax filters and more.

Keeping your hearing aid in the best possible shape is important with regular cleaning and maintenance. Earwax is often the cause of sound quality issues and a common reason hearing aids need repairing, making regular cleaning important. Normal use of your hearing instruments will require certain parts to be replaced on a regular basis. Change wax filters, tubes and domes as often as required to prevent sounds from becoming distorted or muffled. If you have any clogs or cracks, see us for replacement parts and repairs. Some parts can be easily replaced to keep your device in like-new condition. Our staff is here to answer any questions or to address any concerns you may have about your hearing aids.

See us for cleaning tools and storage supplies. Sandia Hearing Center also has a huge selection of accessories and batteries, as well as offering repair services to keep your devices performing well. Visit us today or call 719-634-6260.