Starkey Hearing Aids Repair

In addition to selling a variety of Starkey hearing aids and accessories, Sandia Hearing Center has professionally trained staff to perform Starkey hearing aid repairs. Starkey is one of the world’s top leaders in hearing aid technology. They are committed to enriching people’s lives by making hearing products to help meet different needs. Sandia Hearing Center is committed to helping Starkey users by keeping their devices in top shape.

If you have noticed issues with sound that does not seem right, whistling, fuzziness or distortion, we are here to help. We can evaluate your device to see what is wrong and repair it. Often these types of problems can be fixed with a simple repair or with a new battery. Allow our trained repair staff to evaluate your hearing aids to find the solution to get them functioning well. The costs for repair services depend on whether your Starkey device is covered by a factory warranty, the extent of damage and the cost for replacement parts.

On average, a hearing aid can be expected to last between five and seven years. To protect your investment and to allow it to have the longest life possible, keep it clean and well maintained. Regular cleaning is essential to keep earwax build up and moisture away. We can solve venting issues, cracked cases and replace tubes. Our staff can help you get the best performance from your device. We have a full line of services with routine checkups, testing, cleaning and device repair.

Sandia Hearing Center carries a variety of new hearing aids that incorporate the newest technology, if it is time for a replacement hearing aid. We also sell a range of accessories, parts and batteries from the most popular and reliable brands. Call us at 719-634-6260 for more information or stop in today.