Phonak Hearing Aid Repair Parts

Sandia Hearing Center carries a wide selection of Phonak hearing aid repair parts.

We sell a variety of styles and sizes of Phonak hearing aids with features to suit different needs — from adults to children. Our professional, fully trained staff can assist you with selection, device evaluation and repairs. We stock a huge supply of parts that fit Phonak devices.

Phonak is a world leader in manufacturing hearing products that use the latest features and technology to help people hear better in challenging environments and understand more. They incorporate some of the newest technology, including wireless and Bluetooth capability for use with cell phones, MP3 players and televisions. If you own their hearing devices, protect your investment by keeping them clean and well maintained. If you need replacement tubes, domes, filters or other parts, we have everything you will need to keep your hearing aid functioning.

Normal usage can cause wear and tear on hearing instruments. It is also very easy for earwax and moisture to collect, causing sounds to become muffled or distorted. Come see us if you find any clogs, cracks or other problems with your devices. Many problems can be easily fixed with replacement parts and simple repairs. We also have new batteries in all sizes to fit all makes and models of hearing aids. Don’t let yourself be caught without spare batteries on hand, when you need them. Visit Sandia Hearing Center for help with any hearing aid problems that you may have.

We have a full line of accessories, supplies and repair parts to keep your hearing instruments at top performance. We also have a huge selection of new hearing aids from top brands, if you are in the market for a replacement hearing aid. As a one-stop-shop, Sandia Hearing Center has the answers to you hearing needs.

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