Phonak Hearing Aid Repair

Sandia Hearing Center evaluates, services, and repairs Phonak hearing aids.

Is your Phonak hearing aid giving you poor sound quality with fuzziness or distortions? Are you hearing high-pitched sounds or maybe even no sound at all? If you are having trouble with your device, we are here to give you solutions.

We carry a huge selection of Phonak hearing aids in a variety of styles and sizes. We also provide continued support with our repair services and replacement parts. Many issues can be solved with simple repairs or new batteries. Sandia Hearing Center has professionally trained staff, who can evaluate Phonak hearing devices and perform repairs. In fact, we can evaluate and repair all makes and models of hearing devices. We can take care of common issues, like earwax and moisture build-up, corrosion, dirt, venting issues and replacing old tubes and cracked cases. The cost of repairs vary, depending whether there is current warranty coverage, the extent of damage and the cost of replacement parts.

Our comprehensive hearing services include routine checkups, testing and cleaning of the device. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your hearing instruments operating smoothly. Proper cleaning and care can keep earwax, moisture and other debris from interrupting the correct functioning of your device.

We want you to get the most out of your hearing aids so they can have the fullest life span possible. On average, a hearing aid can be expected to last five to seven years. Sandia Hearing Center has a variety of popular brands of hearing products and accessories, including those from industry leader Phonak. Phonak specializes in using the newest technology to give people, with a variety of needs, excellent quality hearing and speech understanding, even in challenging environments. We also carry Phonak accessories to help with clarity, convenience and ease of use with other electronic devices, like cell phones, MP3s and televisions.

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