Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

Sandia Hearing Center has great accessories to give you optimal hearing from your Unitron hearing aid. We have comprehensive hearing services to help you choose from our selection of new hearing aids, accessories, our supply of replacement parts and batteries, or repair services.

Unitron has been in business for fifty years, making devices utilizing the latest technology, so you can hear the great sounds around you. Unitron prides itself on keeping people with hearing problems open to the enjoyment of the sounds of life. They manufacture different styles of hearing aids, with many choices of behind-the-ear models and in-the-ear models. There are products to help people with varying levels of hearing loss. Sandia Hearing Center also carries several accessories from Unitron to use with your hearing aids to make your life easier.

There are many types of optional devices for both convenience and for assisting you in hearing more effectively. Unitron offers a full range of accessories, including wireless technology and some that come equipped with Bluetooth capability. They offer a few remote control choices that allow you to control the features of your hearing instruments more conveniently. Unitron’s uDirect 2 is a hands-free accessory that allows either wired or wireless connection to mobile phones, televisions, FM receivers and MP3 players. Their uTV2 allows you to get audio sent wirelessly from your television, stereo or computer directly to both of your hearing instruments, through the uDirect2. If you desire to hear better in challenging environments, the uMic wireless microphone can help you hear people’s speach better. Items like these from Unitron can help improve your hearing experience.

Our trained staff is here to help with your hearing needs, replacement parts, proper maintenance and repair of your device. Give Sandia Hearing Aid Center a call, today, at 719-634-6260 for more information.