Unitron Hearing Aid Batteries

Sandia Hearing Center is the place to go for hearing aids, batteries, parts, accessories and repairs. We are the one-stop shop for your hearing needs. We have all sizes of replacement batteries for Unitron hearing devices, as well as most other brands.

We have a variety of Unitron aids for hearing and accessories to suit different hearing needs and lifestyles. Unitron is a top hearing device manufacturer with the belief that hearing matters and the desire that no one should miss life’s sounds. With these instruments, batteries are essential because hearing is so important to daily life.

Hearing aid batteries have to be changed frequently. Many things help determine battery life, like environmental factors, usage, and the type of hearing device. Whenever you hear the low battery signal beep, you must change the batteries. If you notice reduced amplification, distorted sounds or inconsistent performance, the device may also need replacement batteries. Always have spare batteries on hand, so that dead ones do not surprise you.

Here at Sandia Hearing Center, we have professionally trained staff who are skilled at evaluating and repairing hearing aids. We can help assess problems with the functioning and performance of Unitron hearing instruments so that you can have the best hearing experience. We offer a huge supply of parts and batteries necessary to keep your Unitron products going. Regular cleaning and maintenance are also recommended to ensure your device has a long life and to protect your investment.

Sandia Hearing Center is a full-service center for hearing solutions. Visit us for all your hearing needs, whether it is hearing evaluations, purchasing new hearing aids, repairs or simply replacement batteries. We also carry a full line of hearing aid accessories to make hearing easier and improve your experience. Call us at 719-634-6260 for more information.