Unitron Hearing Aid Parts

Sandia Hearing Center has a full selection of Unitron hearing aid parts. We carry many sizes and styles of Unitron hearing aids in a variety of models with an assortment of features to fit your needs. We have fully trained and professional staff to assist you in our facility, including device evaluation and repair. Our center is stocked with a variety of parts to fit Unitron devices, as well as other brands. We have everything that you will need to keep your hearing aid operating smoothly, including tubes, domes, filters, microphone protectors and more.

Unitron has a complete line of aids for hearing and accessories that use the latest technology and features, to meet your lifestyle and unique needs. This premier brand takes your hearing seriously and doesn’t want you to miss any of the sounds around you. Keeping your hearing aid in the best possible shape is important. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must. We rely on our hearing, so much, and that is why keeping your hearing instruments in good condition is important.

Earwax and moisture collect easily, making sounds muffled or distorted. The events of normal life can cause wear and tear on hearing aids. If you notice cracks, clogs or anything that doesn’t seem right, see us to find out if a replacement part or repair is appropriate. Some parts can be easily replaced to keep your device in like-new condition. Sandia Hearing Center is here to help with any problems with your hearing aid.

We also have a huge selection of accessories and batteries, as well as offer repair services to keep your device performing well. As a center for comprehensive hearing solutions, we carry new hearing aids with the latest technology and offer hearing evaluations.

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