Hearing Consultations

Process of Hearing Consultation

Our experienced providers at Sandia Hearing Aid Services offer hearing exams for all hearing impaired individuals. We then thoroughly explain the audiogram results so that you understand how your hearing loss affects your daily living environments. Because each hearing impaired individual has their own unique hearing loss, it is important you choose a provider who is board certified with a credible history in the hearing industry.

Hearing Exam/Test is the most important step to better hearing. Without an accurate and updated hearing exam, your audiogram will not reflect an accurate diagnosis of your hearing loss. At Sandia Hearing Aid Services, we not only have some of the most experienced providers in Colorado, but our practice has invested in the appropriate technology to give you the most accurate hearing exam possible.

Audiogram results are very crucial to the understanding of your specific hearing loss. Our providers will explain why you are missing certain sounds in your daily activities, break down the differences of a “low frequency hearing loss” versus a “high frequency hearing loss” and how this may impact interpreting certain words or sounds in your everyday listening environments.

Hearing Aid Evaluations are a great way for hearing impaired individuals to best understand the advancements in hearing aid technology and how they can assist your specific hearing loss. Sandia Hearing Aid Center offers a Free Hearing Aid Consultation & Demonstration to individuals who currently wear hearing aids, who used to wear hearing aids but no longer use them, and for individuals looking into the possibility of purchasing hearing aids for the first time. Our providers walk you through the features and benefits of each of our preferred manufacturers and provide a demonstration of how the device will assist your daily listening environments. We discuss the differences in cost for each level of hearing technology (Premier Level 9, Advanced Level 7 and Standard Level 5) and most importantly recommend the preferred technology to assist your specific hearing needs.

Trial Period evaluations are offered to each hearing impaired individual who decides to purchase hearing aids at Sandia Hearing Aid Services. We will keep working with you until we find the exact product that assists your hearing to the highest level attainable.

At Sandia Hearing Aid Services, we strongly believe that it is our duty to teach you about the impact of hearing loss, show you how to prevent future hearing loss, provide hearing impaired individuals with a Free Hearing Aid Consultation & Demonstration and offer financing options to fit each individual’s budget.

To schedule your Free Hearing Aid Consultation & Demonstration, please call us today at (719)634-6260, or contact us.

Hearing Tests, Evaluation, Diagnosis

Do you need a hearing test performed by a Colorado Springs audiologist or hearing care provider?

Symptoms of hearing loss can be obvious or subtle. Some signs that a person may be experiencing hearing loss include: asking for words and phrases to be repeated losing track of conversations trouble hearing when background noise or echoing is present telephone use is difficult turning up the television or radio volume turning one ear toward the person speaking loss of balance and/or falling The best way to determine whether or not a person has hearing loss or deficit is to have hearing test conducted by our hearing center in Colorado Springs. However, the type of test administered will vary based on individual concerns. A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing. For more information on hearing tests, click here..

Hearing Device Repair

Now that you have a well-fitting and fully functioning hearing aid device, it’s important to keep it maintained so it can continue to serve you for a long time to come. At Sandia Hearing Center in Colorado Springs CO, we know you rely on your hearing every single day – at your job, in your home, and at play. That’s why we evaluate, service, and repair hearing aid devices of all makes and models. There are some signs that your hearing aid device may be in need of maintenance or repair:

  • Unsatisfactory battery strength
  • Mold and venting issues
  • Moisture, corrosion and dirt issues
  • Inadequate storage when not in use
  • Earwax buildup in and around the device

Any of the above issues can cause your hearing aid device to function at a less than optimum level, or cause it to stop working altogether. For more information on hearing device repair, click here.

Annual Check-Ups

Are you looking for a hearing specialists in Colorado Springs? It’s also important to have regular annual hearing evaluations performed by a Colorado Springs hearing aid specialist. Think about this – you see your physician for check-ups, visit your dentist twice a year for dental exams, and you get your vision checked as part of your regular health care practices, right? It’s just as important to have your hearing checked as part of taking care of your overall health. We’ll conduct a full hearing examination so that hearing issues can be detected and treated as early as possible. You see your physician, you see your dentist, and you see your eye doctor… come see us, too! For more information on annual hearing checkups, click here.