Hearing Tests – Evaluation & Diagnosis

Do you need a hearing test performed by a Colorado Springs audiologist or hearing care provider?

Symptoms of hearing loss can be obvious or subtle. Some signs that a person may be experiencing hearing loss include:

  • asking for words and phrases to be repeated
  • losing track of conversations
  • trouble hearing when background noise or echoing is present
  • telephone use is difficult
  • turning up the television or radio volume
  • turning one ear toward the person speaking
  • loss of balance and/or falling

The best way to determine whether or not a person has hearing loss or deficit is to have hearing test conducted by our hearing center in Colorado Springs. However, the type of test administered will vary based on individual concerns.

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Hearing Test

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing. Typically, an audiologist, also known as a hearing care provider, will use an instrument called an audiometer. An audiometer measures sensitivity to different sound frequencies. In this type of testing, the person wears headphones and sits in a soundproof booth. The audiometer is connected to the headphones and produces tones at specific frequencies to each ear independently. The person being tested raises a hand or presses a button when they hear a sound. As the test progresses, the audiologist plots points on a graph.

Hearing evaluation

Once each frequency of hearing ability is tested and diagrammed, the points are joined by a line so we can see which frequencies are not being heard normally and what degree of hearing loss may be present. An audiometer test is the most common hearing test, but there are others that may be used, including a Weber or Rinne test, acoustic reflex test, or tympanogram test.

Hearing Diagnosis

These tests look at the internal workings of the ear on a neurological, muscular, and bone level. Oftentimes a speech repetition test will be administered, which entails the person repeating back words the audiologist speaks. Another type of assessment that may be used is called a Hearing In Noise Test (HINT). The HINT assesses a person’s ability to hear speech in both noisy environments and quiet ones.

At Sandia Hearing Aid Center in Colorado Springs, we provide high quality hearing tests in a professional, supportive, and safe atmosphere. We will do everything we can to fit you with a hearing aid device that supports your lifestyle and needs.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Fitting techniques and technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. There are now even software applications that can play a role. When you get your first hearing instrument, they are adjusted and programmed to provide the correct amount of amplification specific to a person needs. At Sandia Hearing we take a personal interest in ensuring you are provided with a hearing instrument that is adjusted specific to your unique needs.

The initial fitting and the weekly follow up appointments are meant to get you to a position where you no longer have to think about your hearing aids – they are simply part of your day. We work with you during this time, to educate and adjust your new hearing instrument so you get the comfort and sound you deserve.