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Address: 2403 N Union Bld, Ste 101

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

King Hearing Aid Center

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Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Sandia Hearing Aid Center
2403 N. Union Blvd, Ste 101
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

King Hearing Aid Center
2616 N Elizabeth
Pueblo, CO 80909
(719) 296-6849

Sandia Hearing Aid Center
507 E Rainbow Blvd, Suite C
Salida, CO 81201

Have you been left without anyone to care for your hearing needs in Salida, Buena Vista or the Arkansas Valley?

  • Are you looking for a reliable hearing professional?
  • Do you need help with your current hearing instruments?
  • Are you needing a Hearing Evaluation?

WE CAN HELP!      GIVE US A CALL at 800-511-5083 or visit us at King Chiropractic.

Sandia Hearing has been a trusted source serving the Arkansas Valley for over 23 years.  Our dedicated specialist would love to help you with your hearing needs.

Why should you choose Sandia Hearing for hearing aids Colorado Springs?

hearing aids colorado springs

Our promise to you:

  • We provide hands-on, professional care.
  • We offer the latest in hearing technologies.
  • We are dedicated to building long term relationships.
  • Your comfort is our highest priority.

5 minute hearing test - Benefit from a free hearing evaluation.

Colorado Springs Hearing Aids • Pueblo Hearing Aids

Sandia Hearing Aid Center provides quality hearing aids and professional consultation to victims of hearing loss in Colorado Springs, CO. Visit King Hearing Aid Center in Pueblo, CO. Call 719-634-6260

Testimonials for Sandia Hearing Aid Center, premium provider of hearing aids Colorado Springs

Absolutely the best service, very friendly and attentive to my needs! I won’t go anywhere else for my hearing aide supplies and service! Thank you Norma for your exceptional service!!

Dean Gunter


My pops on his second set of hearing aids and he loves them every issue he’s had they solved post haste!!

John Mullen


Incredibly wonderful place! Very nice, caring, professionals and treated my Mom like VIP. I highly recommend Sandia to anyone needing a hearing place in Southern Colorado!!!!!

Lisa Marie

Ron King is very trustworthy as far as recommendations for hearing aids. He has tested me (at no charge) twice in 2 years, and both times concluded that I was not yet a candidate for hearing aids – he was up front about telling me that he could sell me a set but they would most likely end up in a drawer and I would get nothing from such an investment. Thanks, Ron!

Steve Edelman


I’ve been using Sandia Hearing since around 2002. Very friendly people who care about their customers and will take care of you. I go to Sandia for all my hearing needs, including 2 sets of hearing aids.

M Moose


    My mother-in-law, who is now 98, purchased her hearing aides here and periodically sees Richard for an adjustment when he comes to Salida. He couldn’t be kinder and more patient. We are so grateful.

Esteban Hollander


    The fact that I could just walk in without an appointment, and get my Resound ear retainers replaces without so much as a question of how they broke, tells me that the customer service is exceptional at Sandia.

guest user


  Truly outstanding service! My father has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and was having issues with his hearing aide and even though he is not a patient of theirs, they have taken care of it quickly every time.

Jeff Groskopf


I was a first time hearing aid user and was somewhat nervous about the whole process and the quality of product and service. Caroline was very patient with me and kind. Everybody from the owner to Caroline to the front office reception we’re all concerned about my experience and about being sure that I had the best possible results with my new hearing devices. The entire experience at Sandia exceeded my expectations – I highly recommend them to anybody.

Kevin Tebedo


I’m am a colleague of this gentlemen. I’ve known him for years. It’s refreshing to know that other people in the same industry have the same beliefs and morals as I do. He really cares about his patients and every time we meet it shows. I couldn’t recommend a better person in your area, to trust with your hearing health care needs!!

Tim Smith


Great people & Dr. My brother in law is a long time patient., I was visiting from out of town & able to see them upon short notice. His old or of hearing aids were fitted to me after a hearing test. Two quick visits. Thank you ?! VL R

I hate to spend money so when I needed hearing aids I went online and bought some; it was a big improvement. Problem was, I STILL missed a lot so I debated buying another set… My wife talked me into going to Sandia. The staff tested me again and patiently walked me thru the process of fitting, teaching, fine adjustments, and wow; what a difference! I can’t believe how much I missed hearing using the internet brand. At work there are two other employees who are using on-line hearing aids and they are always missing conversations that I hear easily and constantly saying “What” in situations where I hear every word. Moreover, the service is incredible. They call me and check how the aids are doing, schedule me for appointments, clean the units and replace any dirty components — I don’t pay a dime for these follow-ups and they treat me like i’m paying for every visit. Like I said, I’m cheap, but in the case of dealing with Sandia I get considerably more than I paid for — do yourself a favor; spend a little more and let professionals treat you.

John Jones

“This is a very good place to get your hearing aid repaired. If they can’t fix it on the spot, and have to send it to the factory, you can ask for a loaner. If your tube needs to be replaced, they do it for free! Some other places charge up to $10.00 for this service. The people are friendly, and go out of their way to help you. This is the best I’ve found in the Colorado Springs area, and I recommend them unreservedly.”

R Berber

“I was so pleased with the service I received at Sandia that I talked my sister into coming in and getting a hearing aid test. Now we can both hear each other!”

Ludella Powell

Choosing [Sandia] was just an answer to prayer. This office has been extremely accommodating in every way.


These people care. What I found is that with my hearing devices that, in fact, opened up a whole new world for me.


Richard has always taken care of whatever needs I had with my hearing devices.


Both parents have bought more than 1 Pr each. And have been very happy with personnel,location & money well spent.

An Shafer

Great products, great service, friendly. For almost anything medically related, I simply hate setting up appointments and going. Such is not the case here. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I recommend it highly to you. And if you have gone without hearing aids because they didn’t seem to help much, technology has vastly improved them so it is worth giving them a shot.

Tom Camp

Sandia Hearing Aid Center is the best place to get a hearing aid. I recommend them to anyone who mentions they need a hearing device or who has hearing loss. So far, I’ve told my dad and grandmother about their superior service, caring attitude, personal attention, hearing tests and great products.

Jed Bradshaw

Nice staff

Leslie Brown

Colorado Springs Hearing Aids, Evaluations & Check Ups

Are you searching for a hearing aid specialist in Southern Colorado?

Sandia Hearing Center offers such services as hearing tests and evaluations, hearing aid device repair, and annual checkups. We also offer a fine selection of hearing aids to choose from such as Siemens, Unitron, Oticon, Resound, The Phonak Group, Starkey and Westone.

Learn the steps to better hearing with hearing aids Colorado Springs

At the Sandia Hearing Aid Center, we follow an easy 9-step process to ensure all our customers receive the best service possible.

Frequently asked questions about hearing aids Colorado Springs

Why might a person need a hearing aid?

Hearing loss can have many different causes, and thus there are many reasons why someone might need a hearing aid.

There are two main types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when the outer or middle ear is damaged or obstructed, stopping sound from being transmitted to the inner ear. This can be caused by a growth or tumor, infection, ear wax impaction or a number of other causes. Conductive hearing loss is usually treatable with medical intervention, although some kinds are not, and hearing aids can help in these cases. However, hearing aids are mainly used to treat sensorineural hearing loss, which is the most common type.

Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when sound signals have trouble getting to the brain, due to damage to the auditory nerve or the small hair-like cells inside the inner ear. This kind of hearing loss can come on suddenly or gradually. Sudden hearing loss can be brought on by a traumatic injury, an extremely loud noise, a disease or infection such as meningitis. Hearing can also get worse over time, and the main causes of this are old age, genetics, and prolonged exposure to loud noise (for example, if you have spent years working on a building site). Most kinds of sensorineural hearing loss can be treated with a hearing aid.

There are lots of different kinds of hearing aids. As different kinds of hearing loss can all affect your hearing in different ways, hearing aids can be tailored to your individual needs.

So, if you have noticed that your hearing is getting worse – for example, if you have to ask people to repeat themselves a lot, or you have to turn the TV volume up higher and higher every time you watch it – a hearing aid Colorado Springs may be able to help you.

How do hearing aids work?

There are several types of hearing aids, and they are all slightly different. However, they all work in basically the same way.

Firstly, the microphone detects sound waves from the air, then converts them into digital signals. The amplifier takes these digital signals and makes them stronger (louder). The receiver then converts the digital signals into vibrations, which go through the inner ear and into the brain. Your brain interprets these vibrations as sound.

Inside the hearing aid is also a microchip, which is like a tiny computer. This helps the hearing aid to make the sound cleaner, and also decide which sounds need amplifying (such as the sound of someone speaking to you), and which sounds don’t (such as the noise from background traffic). This microchip allows the hearing aid to be customizable for your personal needs, as everyone’s hearing loss and lifestyles are different. It also allows the hearing aid to operate under different settings for different environments.

Older analog hearing aids are much simpler, and work by amplifying all sound. They are not as ‘smart’ and can’t distinguish between different noses. Analog hearing aids are quite rare these days, as almost all new hearing aids produced are digital.

What are the different kinds of hearing aids?

Behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most common. They are made up of a device that sits behind the ear which connects to a small ear piece inside the ear. These are the kind that you may have noticed people wearing, as they are visible on the outside. BTE hearing aids are suitable for mild to profound hearing loss and come in a range of different colors. They are usually the least expensive type to buy. Receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aids are similar, but tend to be less visible as the external part is smaller.

Some hearing aids Colorado Springs are even smaller, and are designed to sit inside the ear rather than behind it.  In the ear (ITE) hearing aids fill the inside of the ear and extend just past the opening. While they are still visible, they aren’t noticeable from behind. These types of hearing aids Colorado Springs are still suitable for most kinds of hearing loss, but can be trickier to use.

In the canal (ITC) and completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids are even smaller, and often go completely unnoticed! They sit inside the ear and are designed to be barely visible. You can choose a color which matches your skin tone. However, these are usually not powerful enough to be used by people with severe hearing loss.

The most modern type of hearing aid, invisible in the canal (IIC), sits even further inside the ear and is almost completely invisible from the outside. They are so small and tricky to use that some can only be put in and taken out by a specialist.

How can I be sure that a hearing aid will help me?

If you think that you might be losing your hearing for whatever reason, there’s a good chance that hearing aids Colorado Springs could help you. Hearing aids can be tailored to suit most different types of hearing loss and adjusted to fit individual needs and lifestyles. However, if you’re unsure, why not take our free 5 minute hearing quiz? If you discover that you are struggling with hearing loss, we can set you up with a free hearing evaluation and discuss things with you in more detail.

When can I visit a Sandia Hearing Aid Center?

Contact us for an appointment. We’d be happy to provide you with customized hearing aids Colorado Springs advice according to your schedule.

What services does the Sandia Hearing Aid Center provide?

At the Sandia Hearing Aid Center, we follow an easy 9-step process to ensure all our customers receive the best service possible.

Do you need a hearing tests in Colorado Springs or hearing test in Pueblo?

Sandia Hearing Aid Center & King Hearing Aid Center offer hearing tests Colorado Springs and hearing tests Pueblo. Learn more about hearing aids Colorado Springs and hearing aids Pueblo by calling: 719-634-6260

You’re probably wondering what’s in store when you visit Sandia Hearing Center in Colorado Springs.

Well, first, you will be greeted with a smile and a handshake from our friendly staff. We keep initial paperwork at a minimum, because we want to hear your story personally rather than reading through a form of generic questions. Our environment is relaxed and friendly, yet professional. You will visit with one of our hearing specialists so we can get to know you as an individual and how we can help you with your hearing needs.

At Sandia Hearing Center, we’ve found that most people are not sure which questions to ask in their search for the right hearing aid device and a hearing specialist who can help, so your first visit allows you to ask us questions and learn about our mission – helping people restore their hearing health. We pride ourselves on providing reliable information about hearing, hearing aids Colorado Springs CO, and the hearing health industry. In any industry, obtaining the correct information allows the consumer to make the best decision. It’s our goal at Sandia Hearing Center to empower you to make the best decision concerning your hearing health.

We know you’re busy and we respect your time. If this is your first hearing evaluation, you should expect to spend about one hour for your test and consultation. We strongly recommend having a hearing evaluation done so we can establish a baseline for monitoring your hearing health. That way, we can accommodate you as your needs change. And if you wish to learn more about the different hearing aid devices available at our Colorado Springs store, we can demonstrate a range of technologies right here in our office.

For the best hearing evaluations and hearing aids Colorado Springs residents can trust, visit us at Sandia Hearing Center. We look forward to meeting you!

Who operates the Sandia Hearing Aid Center?

Sandia Hearing Aids has been serving Colorado Springs since 1959.

The first step to addressing hearing loss is to visit a hearing healthcare professional who you feel comfortable with and you feel is right for you. We focus on serving Colorado Springs and Pueblo with the best technology and quality of care available. We are driven by our patient’s hearing needs and strive to provide the very best overall experience for all patients. Our hearing healthcare professionals are trained experts in hearing testing, diagnosis, and treatment.