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At King and Sandia, our skilled professionals are committed to giving you the care that you deserve. From hearing tests and evaluations to hearing aid fittings and repairs, we are determined to meet all of your hearing loss needs and more. We make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest hearing aid technology and always keep our patients at the forefront of our practice.

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Our Hearing Services

Hearing Consultations

Our experienced providers offer hearing exams for all hearing-impaired individuals. Our comprehensive analysis will help you understand how your hearing loss affects your daily life. Because each hearing impaired individual has their own unique hearing loss, we provide the next steps that are completely suited to your needs.

Hearing Tests- Evaluation, Diagnosis, Fittings

If you are experiencing hearing loss or deficit, a test is the best way to determine your diagnosis. We have a variety of high tech tests to properly diagnose your specific needs.

We also provide hearing aid fittings to ensure you are provided with a hearing instrument that is adjusted to your specific needs.

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Hearing Aid Device Repair

We evaluate, service, and repair hearing aid devices of all makes and models. If you are noticing unsatisfactory battery strength, moisture or corrosion, earwax buildup, or other problems with your hearing aids, come see us and we can help. We also offer routine checkups that include testing and cleaning your hearing aid in order to keep it operating as best as it can.

Annual Hearing Checkup

Getting your hearing checked regularly is an important element of taking care of your overall health. Trust our skilled team to perform your annual hearing check-up, just as you would your general health doctor!

Ear Flushing

We use the Earigator™ system that allows us to safely and efficiently clean out ears while avoiding the discomfort and cold that frequently are experienced with this process.

Sandia Hearing Aids

Custom Ear Products

We provide a variety of custom ear products to protect and enhance hearing. These include shooter plugs, swimming plugs, music plugs and other sound protections and transmission devices fitted to your specific needs.

For more information about our hearing evaluations and services, contact us today or call us at 719-634-6260!

Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO

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Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO

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