Hearing Services

Hearing Services: The 9 steps to Better Hearing

Step 1: Hearing Exam

We will begin by reviewing your hearing health history. Then we will inspect your ear canal and eardrum. This is a painless, easy task performed with a special instrument called an otoscope or video otoscope.

Step 2: Audiogram Results & Review

Our hearing test evaluates your hearing sensitivity and is performed using an audiometer, which determines the softest level at which you hear different frequencies.

Step 3: Hearing Loss Consultation

The hearing healthcare professional will review your audiogram from the hearing test, along with your Needs Assessment to prescribe the appropriate course of treatment.

Step 4: Hearing Aid Overview

You and your companion will complete a lifestyle and listening Needs Assessment with the hearing healthcare professional to determine the most common listening environments in which you need hearing help.

Step 5: Hearing Aid Demonstration

You may be fitted with a set of hearing instruments to try through the rest of the consultation. This will ensure that you can effectively communicate with the hearing healthcare professional as the evaluation proceeds.

Step 6: Discuss Hearing Aid Pricing, Repairs & Warranty

Step 7: Possible Same Day Delivery of Hearing Aid

Step 8: Trial Period

You will have a trial period to ensure your complete satisfaction. It will begin the day of your fitting.

Step 9: Two Week Follow-up

You will be seen multiple times during this period by your healthcare professional for any needed adjustments and counseling.