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When you or a loved one is dealing with hearing impairment, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know where to turn. At Sandia Hearing Aids & King Hearing Aids, we make it our mission to educate and inform our patients. Are you hesitant about getting hearing aids for the first time, or have you had a bad experience with hearing aids in the past? We help patients with these and other concerns on a daily basis. Our goal is to assure your questions and concerns are answered in a way that you leave our office feeling more comfortable and educated on your hearing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hearing instruments hard to wear?

At one time, the only hearing instruments available were bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Today, there are a variety of options, some custom and others open-fit so as to not cause occlusion. Award-winning designs have proven to be aesthetically appealing as well as fashionable.

How come I can hear people speak, but sometimes can’t understand what they say?

Hearing and understanding are related. Understanding words and sentences is a function of your brain. Your ears collect sound, transform it into nerve impulses and send them to the brain where understanding takes place. If damage of the nerves (cilia) has occurred, understanding may become difficult or sometimes impossible because parts of the sound are missing. A properly fit digital hearing instrument is designed to compensate for a loss of sound and may improve your ability to understand.

Do hearing aids help with nerve deafness?

Most hearing instrument users suffer from this type of loss. If you are one of the estimated 40 million Americans who suffer from this kind of hearing loss, you should consult with one of our hearing professionals – help is available!

My hearing isn’t really that bad. Why shouldn’t I put off getting a hearing instrument or hearing aid?

It is sad and wasteful to live a life at less than its fullest. Remember, hearing instruments cannot restore your hearing to normal.  Getting in to see someone on our team now, even if you decide not to act right away, will educate you on the options and benefits.

A doctor told me hearing instruments wouldn’t help. What can I do?

Come see us for a second opinion. We can allow you to decide for yourself if hearing devices can help by allowing you to try out a demo device in our offices. Hearing technology is improving every year and more and more people are now able to benefit from amplification.

I can understand when one person is speaking in the room. But will hearing instruments help in a crowd?

Yes. Recent studies show that “following conversation in noisy situations” is the number one challenge for people with hearing loss. The recent advancements in hearing aid technology help you focus on the sounds you want to hear, understand speech with less effort, and enjoy a fuller and more natural soundscape.

Why do some hearing instruments cost more than others?

Hearing losses are unique to all individuals. With most patients, it entails the selection of a precise digital device specifically designed for that individual. Based on the patient’s specific needs or performance expectations, the cost may vary from the style or type selected.

I have difficulty hearing in both ears. Do I have to wear an instrument in both ears?

When both ears are impaired, two hearing aids are generally the best solution. Two hearing aids take better advantage of the way the brain processes sound through binaural hearing. It provides you with better understanding of speech in background noise, better localization of sound, where it is coming from, and better sound reception.

Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO
Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO
Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO
Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO

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Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO

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Sandia Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids in Colorado Springs, CO & Pueblo, CO

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